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Each Workshop


  • A workshop facilitator 

  • Tangible relationship tools that you can incorporate immediately into your life

  • A workbook toolkit that includes all handouts disrupted in training, additional reflection materials, a book list and a resource guide 

  • A take home toolkit for hands-on personal reflection and discovery


Ways to Interact with Us

Throw a House Party







Invite your friends and/or family for an exciting interactive evening of discovery on love and personal transformation. This is a great way to have fun with friends while learning some basic practical tools on building a joyous sustained relationship. During the house party you will identify your mental blocks around relationships, how to speak up for you and learn to mean what you say and say what you mean.  All hostess experience the Love and Transformation workshop for FREE and a representive from A Women's Toolkit will help you plan your party. Each house party is tailored to fit the needs of the hostess. 5 to 10 participants are recommended for this type of event. Each event last for 2 hours.

Request a Workshop








Host a hands-on training or professional development at your institution or organization. This fun and dynamic workshop is intended to equip women with practical tools for living the life they deserve. Women will walk away more empowered and more equipped to sustain a meaningful relationship with themselves and others. This is for all women who desire to create a space where love, communication and joy can be manifested. The training will move through; I Desire-Exploring women's dreams, needs and wants; I Am-Discovering self that promotes healing, love and inner transformation; I Have- Exploring habits that create excellence; I Can- Exploring the art of noticing self and others. 

Join Us







Join us on social media for updates on upcoming trainings, workshops, and webinars. By signing up with us, we will notify you about special events that are happening with A Women's Toolkit as well as other connections around love and transformation. JOIN the Network of Powerful WOMEN.

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown on TED Talks

Ruby Dee's poem "Calling All Women!"

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