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A Women's Toolkit is a  wonderful interactive relationship training series  for women  (both single and married) with master trainer and therapeutic restorative community artist/educator Nia Eubanks-Dixon. Mrs. Dixon has been providing trainings and workshops throughout nationally on the topics of love, relationships, and boundaries for over 10 years to couples, individuals and teens.  




A Women’s Toolkit aims to provide trainings and workshops that equip women with applicable tools to create, enter into and sustain meaningful and joyous relationships with themselves and others. Using an art integrated, hope infused, relationship centered approach, we aim for women to be empowered, feel worthy and ready for the relationships they desire and deserve for themselves, their family, their community and world.   





To create a space where love, communication and joy can be manifested and actualized in the lives of women.



The workshop is highly interactive and uses a variety of art-based activities, direct-experience practice exercises, group discussions and reflections. This creates a rich and stimulating learning environment that allows participants to explore, express and practice the tools learned so that they can actualize them in their daily lives.




Full Day- 7 hours

Half Day- 4 hours

Mini or House Party- 2 hours


All workshops must have a minimum of 5 women


A Women’s Toolkit is for all females-Lessons can be altered for young women.


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