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A workshop for single & married women to gain effective tools for creating and sustaining joyous relationships, facilitated by Master Trainer and certified therapeutic restorative artist/educator, Nia Eubanks-Dixon. ​

A House Party


Invite your friends and/or family for an exciting interactive evening of discovery on love and personal transformation 

 A Workshop



Host a hands-on, experiential training or professional development at your institution 

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Join us on social media for updates on upcoming trainings, workshops, and webinars 







"Nia Dixon is an extraordinary facilitator. She brings so much passion and energy to her classes, I am inspired just watching her. I am always looking forward to attending her sessions because she is able to engage us in a way that is both fun and educational" Roberta Frempong








"While working with Nia, I have learned about the importance of having standards in my life.  I can identify who I am as a person which has helped me to see if I am really ready for a relationship. Most importantly, I have learned how to love myself and how to listen for how others want to be loved. From Nia I now know that relationships require work." Kimberly Pham 

"Nia’s classes inspire self-reflection and evolution. I’m always encouraged by how she energizes people in such a uniquely creative way. Nia digs deep with anyone participating in her classes or workshops, and gets to the root of communication and relational issues. She’s a problem solver, an innovator, and above all a healer—of individuals, relationships, and communities." Sarah Robbins
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